On Ni’s Table Today: “You Can Do It ” With My Pattern Design!!

©Ni Carnahan 2014. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!

©Ni Carnahan 2014. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!! You can do it quote 2014

“You’ve done it before and YOU CAN DO IT now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy

of your frustration and turn it into positive,effective,unstoppable determination. “

By Ralph Marston

For my dearest friend, myself, and everyone out there who needs it!!!


Ni’s Pattern Design 01: Digital Christmas Pattern Designs!

©NiCarnahan2013AllRightsReserved Ni Carnahan Illustration-Pattern Design2013

©Ni Carnahan 2013 All Rights Reserved
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni Carnahan Illustration-Pattern Design 2013

Playing around Photoshop

©NiCarnahan2013AllRightsReserved. DigitalPatterns01

版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s Digital Patterns 01


©NiCarnahan2013AllRightsReserved. DigitalPatterns01

©Ni Carnahan 2013 All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s Digital Patterns set 02


Playing around digital patterns today!! I love pattern as you all know, especially hand-drawn style. I have designed some by hand,but they are not ready to be shared just yet. So, I decided to share with you all my digital pattern designs.Photoshop is one of my learning tools that I have been exploring and I have been learning it by myself for a while. It is time-consuming,and I still have so much to learn. Even thought I still prefer to draw by hand,I enjoy exploring new techniques and different styles. 

Today, I just feel like to play around with Photoshop tools,and these are what I have come up with.  They are all came from one design,and I just changed the colors with Photoshop. Which one do you like better?  As you can see,these are totally different from my hand-drawn style,and I must say that I am still trying to get used to it. Still, I have fun going out of my comfort zone and trying something different. After all, I am not going to limit myself as an artist. Anyway,after creating these design with Photoshop, I am so eager to pick up my pen and ink to create again! (I guess that I am still prefer hand-drawn process the most!!) Anyway, I will share some of my hand-drawn pattern designs soon!! Happy creating! ^_____^