Inspired By Nature: Ni’s Handwritten Chinese Calligraphy on Leaves!!

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved. Ni's handwritten Chinese calligraphy on leaves 2013. Chinese brush and ink

© Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!

Ni’s handwritten Chinese calligraphy 書法 on leaves 2013.
Chinese brush and ink

Today, I was in mood of trying something different when I tried to practice my Chinese calligraphy 書法. I love collecting leaves on my walk,so I have many different types of leaves on my art table. I am fascinated by all different shapes and colors of leaves. I wish I knew all of them by names. Well, I am learning as I go! I am lucky enough to have a book called Eyewitness Handbooks-Tree to help me identify any kind of leaf that I collect or wish to know more about from time to time.

As always, Nature inspires me to create !!

Like I said I was in mood for something different after working on coloring my illustration titled “Reborn with Love“.  So, I spent all day getting my hands messy with Chinese brushes and ink  in order to practice my calligraphy on the papers. Then, I played around and put my handwritten Chinese calligraphy 書法 onto these leaves. It was my first tryout, and I had so much fun doing it. It brought me joy and peace when I created them. 

The top two big leaves are Magnolia leaves that we have around our neighborhood. Magnolia’s leaves were big, so I had more rooms to work on. The surfaces were much easier to apply Chinese ink on. The bottom of three leaves are Spinning Gum if I am not wrong. These were much harder to apply the ink works on the surfaces.  Anyway, I was going to sketch them for my Inspired By Nature sketch series,but I ended up putting my handwritten Chinese characters on them instead.

As Fall is around the corner, I am looking forward to collecting all the colorful leaves off the ground on my walk.

Happy collecting leaves!!!

Ni’s Illustration Today Interview:My Experience As A Self-Taught Aritst in English Verision!

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!! Ni's interview with IllustrationToday on their website02-2013.  Photo from IllustrationToday website.

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s interview with Illustration Today 插畫生活 on their website 02-2013.
Photo from Illustration Today 插畫生活 website.

Recently, I was approached by my favorite Taiwanese professional Illustrator Ariel Pang to see if I could write about my experience as a self-taught illustrator. I gladly accepted this wonderful opportunity to share my humble experience with others. I deeply appreciate Mrs. Ariel Pang for this wonderful chance. Please click HERE to go to 插畫生活 Illustration Today’s website to read about it if you can understand Mandarin (Chinese).

Then, I thought I should share this experience with my English readers as well. So, I decided to put together an English version of this interview on my blog. Over the years, I have learned so much from many wonderful artists or self-taught illustrators,and their valuable experiences have helped me overcome my low self-esteem, failures, and many hardship throughout the years. So, I am glad that I can share my humble experience this time with people who are thinking about becoming self-taught artists. I am still learning and growing as an illustrator everyday, so this interview is what I have learned through my experiences  and mistakes over the years. My only goal is to reach out and to encourage as many newcomers as I can to show them that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard and be persisted with your effort and goal as an artist/illustrators.

Here is my English version of my experience as an self-taught artist from 插畫生活 Illustration Today’s Interview.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ni Carnahan. I was born and raised in Taiwan until I moved to the United State of America. I now live with my beloved family in Northern California near San Francisco bay area. I have always loved drawing ever since I was a little girl. Drawing and coloring has always been my favorite thing to do. When I was a kid, I loved reading Children books and Japanese comic,especially Children books. I always did lots of drawing on the back of my test sheets when I was in the school. But, like many other Taiwanese parents, my dear parents wanted me to earn a business degree in order to provide myself a good life. I decided to join a comic club while I was pursuing my business degree. In the comic club, I was able to meet many talented artists and we all have the same passion toward creating arts. At that time, I was hoping to become an Japanese comic artist and create my own comic.

However, I worked as a business associate about few years after I graduated from Taichung Institute of Technology in Taiwan,and moved to America. After my move to America, I discovered Greeting Card legend, Mary Engelbreit’s unique illustrations, and many talented Children book illustrators such as Beatrix Potter..etc.  Inspired by these amazing illustrators, I decided to become one.

I have always been an self-taught artist ever since I decided to become an illustrator,so I don’t have any art degree or art training background. I am currently working on how to combine real buttons with my illustrations. This is one of the styles that I have been working on.  I also use my original handwritten Chinese calligraphy to enhance my illustration pieces. (You can click HERE to see my Sun Flower Button Girl and Asian Button Girl Series!)

I love being a self-taught artist because I can create freely and try different approaches in order to find my own style.

2. What inspire you to become an self-taught artist?

Many people who live in Taiwan would understand that being an artist is not an easy decision in our society. Like I said before, I followed my parents’ wishes to earn my business degree,so I did not have a chance to major in art. Because of that, I figured that I must learn things by myself. I already have experience of how to be an self-taught artist when I joined comic club,so it was not a hard decision to become an self-taught illustrator to pursue my goal. Most importantly, I have my beloved family to take care of,so be able to learn by myself and take care of them at the same time seems to be the best ways to go.

3.Can you tell us more about your self-study process?

At first, I only knew that I wanted to become a professional illustrator,but I did not have any specific goal in mind. Then, I came to realize what I wanted to become after I spent lots of time to research a variety of illustration fields. My final goals are creating my own illustration brand, licensing my greeting card designs, become a pattern designers,and children book illustrator.

I have set up many small goals daily to improve my ability as an illustrator in order for me to  reach my big goals in the long round. I also try to find any opportunity to showcase my arts which is a crucial step to let people know about my arts. I have working on challenging myself to complete each illustration series of mine from beginning to end. It had always been my weakness of not be able to finish my project in time before. So, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could manage to overcome it.

Lately, I have finished many illustration series of mine in time which I was very pleased about. I also did challenging myself to sketch 365 days non-stop on my previous blog ,and I was so glad that I did it. These experiences have helped me to understand the power and impotence of challenging myself in order to strength my self-esteem and ability. Most importantly, They have helped me to better understand myself and see if I can tackle project on time as a professional artist. I believe the power of setting small goal and accomplished it one by one. The result is inevitable in my opinion.

Anyway,my self-study process is giving myself a small goal and set a time frame to accomplished it in time. I would spend lots of time research,study,sketch,and try out many different media and technique to see which one fit that project or series the most. It is a very time-consuming process,but you will be able to get the chance to try out different media and technique as well as knowing if you can accomplish it or not in time. You will fail  countless times and make many mistakes during this process,but these are the priceless experiences of being an self-taught artist in my opinion. For me personally, I believe by working hard,and learning from my mistakes, I will be able to truly improving my ability as an artist.

Being an self-taught artist is indeed not easy,but you will gain so much through your experience in return. I believe it is the only way to better understand yourself as an artist as well as finding your own style in the process.

Even more, I also use online learning resources and lessons to improve myself. For example, I attended Freelancer conference back in 2009, many conferences of SCBWI, Nina Edward’s one-on-one consulting lesson, and studies many self-learning/how-to books. I especially love reading other artists’ biographies or visit their websites and blogs because I can learn so much from their value experiences through their creating process.

The most importantly, you should form a support group in your online community or locally to meet up regularly. I am fortune enough to have met so many talented artists and illustrators, such as Ariel Pang, Nina Edward, and Antoana Oreski (3rd Winner of the Epicase Illustration Competition last year.)..etc. They are all my role models,and I have learned so much from each one of them. The point is that I have come to realize that I can MAKE IT by being with them.

Anyway, this is my self-study learning process. Everyone is different,so my way is just an example for your to discover your own way that will best fit you. Try it out and see if you can find yours.

4. Have you encounter any hardship or difficulties through your self-learning process or do you have any wonderful experiences?

Being an self-taught artist, I often encounter many hardships and difficulties. But, the crucial step is to never give up on your dream or goal no matter what. I have learned this priceless lesson from my previous experience.

I remember I attended 5th SCBWI Illustration Day with my artist friend. There were  many professional people, such as art directors, professional illustrators and authors, Associate professor of San Jose University,editors….etc. I was so excited about this opportunity to showcase my art portfolio and be able to get value critic about my artworks.

My first mistake was bring my original artworks without any professional knowledge of how to prepare it. Even worse, I did not know how to select my artworks properly in order to present myself with the best result. So, I failed deeply with my first critic experience. For me, this turned out to be a horrible experience for me because it completely destroyed my self-esteem. I remember I could NOT create any thing because I kept thinking about all the negative critics that I got from that conference. I then spent over next week trying to study how all the self-taught artists and illustrators overcame their obstacles. I have concluded my research with the fact that they all have one crucial character which are no matter what they never give up on their dreams and goals and always keep going. So, I decided to learn from this terrible experience of mine and those artists,rather than getting discouraged from it or giving up on my dream of becoming an illustrator.

Through this experience of mine, I realized making mistakes and failed on your missions are all the valuable experiences that I can behold.

5. What are the main keys of becoming an self-taught artists?

Like I said before, forming an art support group locally or on social media, be persisted on your dream and goals, believing in yourself and never give up, setting small goals and finishing them in order to gain your self-esteem, improving your ability in order to compete in this field, educating yourself with current information or trend, taking lessons or classes,attending open house of galleries or reading artist biographies in order to learn from their valuable experiences, and never be afraid of making mistakes or failing from your actions.

It is never easy to set up a proper schedule when you have family to take care of or in your daily busy life. But, as long  as you know how to set up a schedule that work best for your and fit your life style, you will find a way to make it works. I attended one of Creative Life classes, professional time manager taught me how to design a personal schedule that was best to fit my life style. 

I will share this experience with you. First, I learned to document a week of my schedule with detail. Then, I figured out how much time I have to create my arts per day. With this exercise, I was able to come up with a schedule for myself. I also did a priority lists where I put down the most important things to finish daily first. Then, I could tackle the secondary things on my lists afterward. These exercises have helped me came up with my schedule to finish up my small goals lately.

I always sent up one small goal at a time and give myself enough time to finish it. For example, I sketch about 15 minuets daily and give myself one hour to finalize my art. My secret is never overbooked my schedule and give myself enough time to finish each project or series of mine. I always start with short period of time with small project,then adjust it along the way if I need to. In this case, I won’t overwhelmed myself.

Try this method and see if you can find your own schedule that best fit your life style. If you fail a couple of time, please don’t get discouraged. I actually failed many times until I found the system that work for me.

6. Can you share some of online resources for self-taught artists?

Ariel Pan illustration classes in Taiwan.

Nina Edward professional illustrator/one on one career consulting  class.

SCBWI website for all around the world children book illustrators.

Illustration Today 插畫生活 professional illustrators and artists website

Creative Live Online classes

SkillShare online learning website

Will Terry online learning tutorial classes

Matthew Archambault online tutorial classes

Artist Network

North Light Self-learning books shop

7. Can you give some suggestions to those who want to become a self-taught artists in Taiwan?

It doesn’t matter if you live in Taiwan or not (or where you live), if you have art degree or not, or what your parents or others told you what to do instead. The most important thing is what you want in your life and what your talent is. Discover your talent,and pursue it persistently is what you should do in my opinion!!

Even more, if you want to become a self-taught artist,you need to have the strength to carry on your journey with great determination.  You must work very hard to improve your ability and build your self-esteem everyday. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey of becoming a professional illustrator or artist.

On Ni’s Table Today: Practicing Chinese Calligraphy 書法-和 harmonious/peace….

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved. On Ni's Table Today-Chinese calligraphy 2013

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
On Ni’s Table Today-Chinese calligraphy
書法-和 harmonious/peace 2013
Chinese Ink and Brush works

This is what’s On Ni’s Table Today- a variety of harmonious/peace in both Chinese Oracle Bone Script and Chinese Bronze Inscription! I have been practicing my Chinese calligraphy 書法 skill everyday now. It really calm me down and prepare me for busy schedule ahead. I used to practice writing it in my school years back in Taiwan. At time, it was mainly homework for me,and I did not put much effort into practicing it. However,  I am always fond of  Chinese calligraphy書法  Chinese literature 中國文學 and ink and wash painting 水墨畫. It will take years and years of studying and researching to know better of these three areas. Now, I have fallen in love with Chinese calligraphy all over again,and really want to get better at writing it. It will take a lifetime of being persisted to practice daily in order to master this unique art of Chinese treasure. My goal is not becoming a master of this art,rather enjoy the process of practicing and putting my handwritten calligraphy into my arts which I have been doing. Please go and see my Asian Button Girl 01 Faith to see my illustration with my handwritten script. So, here is what’s On Ni’s Table Today.

According to Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia about Chinese calligraphy 書法, there is a general standardization of the various styles of calligraphy in this tradition. Chinese calligraphy and ink and wash painting are closely related, since they are accomplished using similar tools and techniques. Chinese painting and calligraphy distinguish themselves from other cultural arts because they emphasize motion and are charged with dynamic life. There are indeed many Chinese script styles, and each style has its own beauty and way to write it. I am fond of each style,and want to explore more whenever I can. After all, I am so happy to carry  this tradition of my culture and combining it with my art. Please click on any word or phrase that you would like to learn on this post as I have linked them to Wikipedia for you to learn more about Chinese calligraphy. Also, click HERE to see various styles of Chinese calligraphy from google search.

Please view more of my handwritten Chinese calligraphy here. Thank you!!

Ni’s Pattern Design 01: Digital Christmas Pattern Designs!

©NiCarnahan2013AllRightsReserved Ni Carnahan Illustration-Pattern Design2013

©Ni Carnahan 2013 All Rights Reserved
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni Carnahan Illustration-Pattern Design 2013

Playing around Photoshop

©NiCarnahan2013AllRightsReserved. DigitalPatterns01

版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s Digital Patterns 01


©NiCarnahan2013AllRightsReserved. DigitalPatterns01

©Ni Carnahan 2013 All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s Digital Patterns set 02


Playing around digital patterns today!! I love pattern as you all know, especially hand-drawn style. I have designed some by hand,but they are not ready to be shared just yet. So, I decided to share with you all my digital pattern designs.Photoshop is one of my learning tools that I have been exploring and I have been learning it by myself for a while. It is time-consuming,and I still have so much to learn. Even thought I still prefer to draw by hand,I enjoy exploring new techniques and different styles. 

Today, I just feel like to play around with Photoshop tools,and these are what I have come up with.  They are all came from one design,and I just changed the colors with Photoshop. Which one do you like better?  As you can see,these are totally different from my hand-drawn style,and I must say that I am still trying to get used to it. Still, I have fun going out of my comfort zone and trying something different. After all, I am not going to limit myself as an artist. Anyway,after creating these design with Photoshop, I am so eager to pick up my pen and ink to create again! (I guess that I am still prefer hand-drawn process the most!!) Anyway, I will share some of my hand-drawn pattern designs soon!! Happy creating! ^_____^

Introducing Ni Carnahan’s Button Illustrations !

©NiCarnahan2013 All Rights Reserved Ni Carnahan Button Illustrations Banner 2013

©NiCarnahan2013 All Rights Reserved
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni Carnahan Button Illustrations Banner 2013

Mixed Media with real buttons

©NiCarnahan2013 All Rights Reserved. Button Illustration- Cupcake Love 2012-2013

©NiCarnahan2013 All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s Button Illustration- Cupcake Love 2012-2013

Mixed Media

©NiCarnahan2013 All Rights Reserved. Ni's Button Collections 2013

©NiCarnahan2013 All Rights Reserved.
Ni’s Button Collections 2013

Over the past few years, I have been combining real buttons with my illustrations. I have been exploring this combination ever since I created my first button piece called Identical for Illustration Friday topic back in 2012. (I will share this button girl illustration with you next.) I then start to play around with real buttons,and have to say that I love it! I am fond of buttons,especially antique buttons. However, Antique buttons cost a fortune and hard to get. So, I stick with the buttons that I can purchase and always look out for some unique ones. Anyway, I thought that it would be fun to combine my love for real buttons and my own illustration. Then, I spent the past year and half exploring this technique and combination. I have so much to share,and I will start with the first greeting card design that I did with real button. It is called ” Cupcake Love”. (Second Image above) I am having fun,and will continue to introduce more button illustration with you all. This is another idea of mine to combine what I love into my creative process. It has been a fun journey for me using real buttons! I am going to share all my button illustrations and a series called “Ni Carnahan Button Girls” in the near future. Please follow me or stop by anytime to see my little cute button girls.