About Ni Carnahan

©Ni Carnahan 2017 .All Rights Reserved. On Ni's Table Today: Ni's Business Signature Design2017

©Ni Carnahan 2017 .All Rights Reserved.

My name is Ni Carnahan. I am a passionate,self-taught illustrator who draws from the heart. I was born and raised in Taiwan and knew at an early age that I was an artist. Although my life in Taiwan took me in different directions, I always had a love of drawing and art. Once I moved to California, I became so inspired by the works of artists such as Mary Engelbreit and Beatrix Potter that I knew that art was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Over the years, I have been developing one of my signature characters–little circle face girl with music notes of hands and feet. Ever more, I have been combining real buttons and other crafting elements with my illustrations. I love the combination of my illustrations with real buttons,and button illustration has become one of my feature illustrations.

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved. Ni Carnahan Signature Girl

©Ni Carnahan 2013-2017. All Rights Reserved. 版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權 Ni Carnahan Signature Girl

I am constantly trying out different media and tools to enhance my arts and growing as an artist.  My art is a unique fusion of Asian and Western styles. All of my works are first hand-drawn and then lightly enhanced using various forms of media. It is my sincerest wish that my art will bring you warmth, love and happiness.


©Ni Carnahan 2016.All Rights Reserved. On Ni's Table Today: Being unique 2016

©Ni Carnahan 2016-2017.All Rights Reserved.

Please understand that all my art works are ©Ni Carnahan 2009-2017. All Rights Reserved! My art works are registered at U.S. Copyright Office. Thank you!

版權所有© 妮· 康納漢 2009-2017 – 保留所有版權權利!! 請您尊重藝術家的著作權以及版權!!我的母語是中文! 如有任何商談或諮詢,請與我聯繫.謝謝!



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