Ni’s VIDA Fashion New Design Titled Heart And Cotton Tote Bag!!

©Ni Carnahan 2016.All Rights Reserved. VIDA new design titled Heart 2016

©Ni Carnahan 2016.All Rights Reserved. Ni’s  VIDA new design titled Heart 2016

©Ni Carnahan 2016.All Rights Reserved. VIDA new design 100% Tote Bag design 2016

©Ni Carnahan 2016.All Rights Reserved. Ni’s VIDA 100% Cotton Tote Bag design 2016

Working on this new design of mine for VIDA fashion Voice Collection!!

VIDA is offering 100% cotton tote bag with my 3 designs~please go and check out the collections!!

It has been a crazy busy time for me….However, it is nice to get back to my studio and create!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!


4 thoughts on “Ni’s VIDA Fashion New Design Titled Heart And Cotton Tote Bag!!

  1. Hi Ni,

    I so enjoy your work. The posts on grieving hit home personally.

    Last year I was asked by Vida but could never get the image size right. Could you share your jpg or other you use? My wordpress is leartisteboots

    Fine Art America is Search Bettye Harwell I will check your totes and share. Best success to you.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your kind comments about my art! I do not know where to reach you,so I will show you how you can get your image size right for VIDA Collection. Here is the link from VIDA to show all the artists how to create your image size on Photoshop. They do not want jps (only when you upload your image on the product and it will show on your product site!),but rather using tiff files when they produce your collections. You can easily save your tiff files on Photoshop. You will need 300dpi and try to fit each format for each product on the link. It took me a long time to figure it out as well,but I did follow the link that VIDA has provided. Also, keep in mind that VIDA will change your image format if the design team thinks that it is needed. So, you have to bear that in mind. Also, I would highly recommend that you call their customer service and ask all your questions. They will answer every question for you. In all, you will need to know how to use Photoshop to save your files. I hope this help!!! Have a great day!
      Here is the link

      • Dear Ni,
        I do appreciate your reply. They did not give me the link nor mention Photoshop. Not my favorite program but good to know what will work.

        I was using 300jpg and tried tiff. They sent me a schedule so much higher my service said no way for my work. I will let you know if I get your suggestions to work (which I am sure will work!). It was so frustrating, taking time away from other projects.

        My best wishes for your sales and your art. I live in Nashville, TN.

        Email address

        Will be in touch.

        Bettye W. Harwell

      • Hi, Bettye:

        Thank you so much for your message!! I hope that you will be able to figure it out how to create your high resolution image files in order to launch your collection with VIDA. Please let me know if I can help in any way. It will get easier once you have done one yourself and try it out. It will be time consuming,but it will get much faster once you know how to do it. Best wishes to you!!


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