On Ni’s Table Today: One Step At A Time In My Own Maze….


©Ni Carnahan 2016. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!! One step at a time in Maze 2016

©Ni Carnahan 2016. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!! One step at a time in Maze-Ni’s work-in-progress illustration 2016

This is one of my work-in-progress pieces in a series. I created this to express my feeling throughout the past 6 months during my hardship of my life!!

Stay tuned for the final version of this illustration from Ni!

Sometime..I feel like walking in a maze when I create or try to plan my on business! I often wonder where should I go, turn, or go back to start again.

There is no guide to fit your own path,except you must make one for yourself as your go.

You will make mistakes, fall down on your face, hit the wall, but these are all experiences that you must face it by yourself in order to learn!

Many times, I felt that I couldn’t not go on anymore,but eventually I found a way to stand up and keep going!

For the past 6 months, I have encountered a personal hardship and took sometime to focus on my family. It was the most difficult period of times in my life,but I was so

glad that God took this chance to show me that I needed to focus on my family first and looked at my life in different ways.  Yes, it was hard,but I was able to

“SEE” and “FEEL” my life with family differently. I am still taking one day at a time to rebuild my life.

Still, I don’t want to lose my faith and my dream as an artist.

Thank to all the families and friends who have been there for me! I couldn’t express enough of my gratitude to each one of you!

Yes, I am still in maze,but one step at a time…..I am walking toward to reach my dream!!

Don’t let anything let you down and give up on something that you truly love to do in your life!!


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