On Ni’s Table Today: Be Kind For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Battle You Know Nothing About!

©Ni Carnahan 2015. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!! Ni's pattern designs with quote-Be Kind2015.

©Ni Carnahan 2015. All Rights Reserved.版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!  Ni’s pattern designs with quote-“Be Kind”2015.

“Be Kind

for everyone you meet

is fighting a battle

You know nothing about…” by unknown

This is a quote that I keep reminding myself to because it is true–be kind because you never know what people have gone through in their lives.

Over a month ago, I have personally encountered a hardship in my life with my love one.

And, it has turned my world upside-down.

I am not be able to create because I have been crazy busy to take care of my family for now.

During this difficult time, God sends many angels to give me supports and shows me that I am loved by many.

Thank you all for being there for me. I am truly grateful for each one of you and your prayer.

This is a new pattern that I did a while ago. I decided to use it with the quote that I would like to share today.

Please be kind to everyone you meet everyday!!

A simple smile will make someone’s day.

I will turn each kindness and love that I have received during this difficult time into my art.


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