Ni’s Illustration Friday Weekly Topic Challenge Series: Beginning !

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved. 版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利! Ni's Illustration -Reborn with Love for Illustration Friday weekly topic challenge-Beginning 2014 Mixed Media

©Ni Carnahan 2013. All Rights Reserved.
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!
Ni’s Reborn with Love
for Illustration Friday weekly topic challenge
Beginning 2014
Mixed Media

Remember this illustration that I did for my beloved mother last year? It is titled “Reborn with Love”.

I dedicate this piece to my devoted mother who has been there for all her daughters with all her heart in her life!

You can click here to see the black and white version of this illustration on my previous post. I went for a simple red color in this version using Photoshop.

I believe that everything “begins” with LOVE.

As you can see on this illustration, I added my handwritten Chinese calligraphy with Chinese character “Love” on the lady’s flower hat.  So, this is my vision of beginning.

So, I submitted this piece to Illustration Friday’s weekly topic challenge-beginning.

What is your vision of “Beginning”?


6 thoughts on “Ni’s Illustration Friday Weekly Topic Challenge Series: Beginning !

    • Thank you so much for your comment! The Chinese calligraphy that I did on this piece is 愛 (Love) in Chinese , but I used “Chinese Bronze Inscription” for that character 愛 (Love). It is different than the stander Chinese character 愛. Chinese bronze inscription is writing in a variety of Chinese scripts on Chinese ritual bronzes such as zhōng bells and dǐng tripodal cauldrons from the Shang dynasty to the Zhou dynasty and even later according to wikipedia. I love finding different old scripts and practice my calligraphy with them instead of stander Chinese characters. I hope this help.

      You can click on the link below to learn more about Chinese bronze inscription.

      Happy learning!!


      • Hey, thanks for taking the time to give me such a comprehensive answer! I was wondering what it was because it didn’t look like either the traditional or simplified form of 爱that I know. It looked to me a bit like 书 over 寸, but it might be because of the size of the photo. I assumed it might be some very rare, old character for the same word (or a specific kind of love, like 孝!) – and it was, haha. 🙂

      • Good morning to you!!! I have been researching old scripts to practice my Chinese calligraphy and combining my handwritten calligraphy with my arts lately. My favorite is Chinese Oracle bones scripts. I combined my Asian button girls series with my handwritten scripts or inscriptions. It is the roots of how most of the Chinese characters came from. I am still in the beginner stage for this,but I am fascinated by it. However, you can’t find every word in Chinese Oracle bone scripts,so I also used Chinese bronze inscriptions or other choices for that matter.

        For 爱, I used this tool to find the word that I want to learn,and see if I can find any script or inscription for it. Here is the link for it.

        According to this link, the top part of this inscription is 欠,一个人张着嘴巴(a person who is opening his mouth gently talking), and the bottom part is 心(heart) in early form. You combine top and bottom characters, you get the early form of 爱 in Chinese bronze inscription. ^______^ Don’t you think that it is so fun to learn about this?? I LOVE it! Anyway, just a little additional information for you,but I am no expert…..just want to share what I have learned so far.

        You can see my 2013 Asian button girls series below at my portfolio section.

        Happy creating!


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