meet the artist | Ni Carnahan Illustration

Here is Ni’s artist interview with my dearest friend Neely on her well-loved blog. I am so grateful for this wonderful chance,and deeply appreciate her unconditional support!!

Neely Wang | Photography + Design

meet the artist series

I am excited to present another artist in my Meet the Artist Series. The vision of Meet the Artist is to catch a glimpse into the mind of an artist, to learn from the challenges they’ve encountered along the way, and most of all, to be inspired! Ni Carnahan of Ni Carnahan Illustration is a good friend of mine who is also part of the monthly art group I attend, which provides a wonderful way to share ideas, encourage each other and simply get our creative juices flowing. Although our styles are very different, Ni and I both share a love for nature, pattern and detail. When I first saw her drawings, I was amazed at all the fine detail in her work and how she lovingly crafts her designs by hand. Ni is one of the most optimistic and encouraging people I know, and I’m honoured to share her inspiring artistic journey…

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