Ni’s Button Girls Series:Sneak Peek of Ni Carnahan’s Asian Button Girl Illustrations 2013!

©NiCarnahan2013All Rights Reserved-Asian Button Girls banner 2013

©Ni Carnahan 2013 All Rights Reserved
版權所有© 妮·康納漢- 保留所有版權權利!!
Ni’s Asian Button Girls banner 2013

Mixed Media

Sneak Peek of 6 Asian Button Girl Illustrations by Ni. The first set of “Ni Carnahan Button Girl Illustration 2013” are all little Asian Girls. I combined my original illustrations,real buttons,and some craft materials to complete these designs. In the meantime, I am exploring one more “secret element” to see if I want to add it into this set or not.  I can’t wait to share with you guys when I am done!! Anyway, they are all hand-drawn, and crafted by Ni. I love getting messy with my hands,and try to combine different media or elements of my choice. This creating process has always been my first choice when I create my art as you all know. I am pretty satisfied with the result for these Button Girl Illustrations, and will sell them on my online shop as soon I set up my Etsy shop-Ni Original  in the near future. (I still have much to do before I can open up my online shop,so please stay tuned !)

I will introduce one Button Girl with you all every Sunday starting from September,1st, 2013. Please come and meet Ni’s little Asian Button Girls in September!!

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